Michael Aaron Wasieleski

Michael received his undergraduate degree from Tulane University and his Law degree from Pepperdine University.

Michael has been practicing exclusively in the area of personal injury law for over 30 years. He has gained valuable experience over that time having worked briefly for the Defense before moving to the Plaintiff’s side.

Michael now runs this full service firm that at it’s core centers on hands-on individual interaction and assistance. Michael caters strictly to individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others.

Each client receives Michael’s personal attention.

Michael welcomes all calls and treats each potential client with respect and patience. If a potential client has a matter that Michael doesn’t handle, he will make every effort to match that client with the right Counsel to help them.

Michael specializes in major catastrophic injuries resulting from car collisions, motorcycle collisions, Tractor Trailer Collisions, animal attacks and many other matter here injuries have occurred.

Michael looks forward to your call or e-mail.