Animal and Dog Bites

Animal owners are required to take reasonable care in securing their pets and ensuring they do not cause harm to others. Dogs can cause serious injuries, especially to children. When someone is bitten by a dog and seriously hurt, they should seek a consultation with the Beverly Hills CA dog bite lawyers.

California Laws on Dog Bites

California is considered a strict liability state. In its simplest terms, the law states a dog owner cannot avoid paying for the damages caused by their dog, even if they did not know the dog had a propensity for biting.

The Law Offices of Michael A. Wasieleski can help injured dog bite victims to establish the two most important elements of holding the owner accountable.

  • Measurable damages must have been caused by the dog bite.
  • The dog bite must have occurred in a public place or while a person was lawfully present on private property.

How Will an Attorney Help Dog Bite Victims?

Dog bite victims have rights afforded to them under the law. Hiring the Beverly Hills CA dog bite lawyers is an important first step in protecting those rights. It is important to note that there is a two-year statute of limitations for dog bite lawsuits to be filed. The time starts at the moment the bite occurs.

Attorneys work to gather evidence and hold dog owners accountable. They will ensure their clients have access to the essential medical care that is needed for a full recovery.

One of the primary roles of the attorney will be to aggressively pursue the animal owner and hold them accountable for paying for the measurable damages that were suffered.

If you have become the victim of an animal attack, contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Wasieleski right away. Allow them to protect your rights and help you obtain a fair outcome for your case.