Legal dispute resolution can be costly for all involved parties when they cannot agree on an alternative to settling the issues. Some states actually require cases to at least go through mediation before it advances to a court hearing before a judge. This lessens the burden on court dockets and allows the parties to air their grievances in an informal setting before official litigation begins. However, when no agreement can be reached on an alternative dispute resolution method, litigation in court becomes the only remaining option. This is a serious step in many instances, and having an experienced legal counselor like the litigation lawyers in Beverly Hills CA at the Law Offices of Michael A. Wasieleski is essential for a successful outcome.

When Litigation is Best

While some cases can be resolved in a mediation or arbitration proceeding, some cases are better addressed by going straight to court. There are assuredly some disadvantages such as extended times to get a scheduled hearing, but some issues require an immediate official ruling. This works best when the law and facts are both on the side of either party. All legal representatives in litigation submit the claims of their clients, and then the merits of the case are discussed in open court under oath for the most part.

Why You Need Legal Counsel

One of the primary issues with law that all novice litigants understand is that it can be complicated, and details can matter greatly. While litigation is always a civil tort situation where no crime is being identified, it can still be a very technical process requiring legal expertise for a desired outcome. The discovery process alone will reveal some direction concerning the final disposition by the court, and having an experienced attorney evaluating the case thoroughly beforehand is always the best initial step.

Never go to court without legal representation in a civil issue because parties who have an attorney are always have an advantage. California residents should always call the Law Offices of Michael A. Wasieleski litigation lawyers in Beverly Hills for aggressive representation.