Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are easily some of the most damaging and pervasive injuries any victim can suffer. The spine is a very sensitive region of the body that is essential for anyone functioning physically on a daily basis. Mobility can be impacted drastically if not completely interrupted permanently, and the loss of the quality of life is absolutely dramatic for most people who suffer any type of serious spinal cord damage. Any highway accident, slip and fall incident, or even a sports injury could result in serious spinal cord problems, and the victim will typically only have one opportunity to recover financial damages when the injury occurs due the negligence of another party. This is why it is essential to have experienced Beverly Hills CA serious injury lawyers like those at the Law Offices of Michael A. Wasieleski representing the case for equitable financial damage payment.

Economic Damages

Depending on the material case facts of how a spinal cord injury occurred, economic compensatory damages for medical bills and lost wages when they apply are the first damages evaluated. These are special damages detailed in exact dollar amounts. Auto accident cases will typically include recovery for property damage also when an opposing driver is largely at fault for an injured driver. various expenses can also apply.

General Long-Term Damages

The most important element of a spinal cord injury claim will be the general damages component for pain-and-suffering. These non-economic long-term damages are recompense for the difficulties associated with spinal cord injuries that will probably never rehabilitate completely, and they are also the element of the claim that makes the victim financially whole after the fact. Determining a reasonable amount of compensation can be a difficult task, and it is always best to have experienced legal counsel when claim value is being calculated because of the extensive damage application of the injury.

Always remember that the attorney you choose to represent a spinal cord injury claim can make a major difference. That difference maker in California is at the Law Offices of Michael A. Wasieleski Beverly Hills CA serious injury lawyers.